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About Stephen Arnold

Have you ever felt like you're spinning your wheels with dieting, training but not getting results?

Well that was me, I was prepping for a BodyBuilding show years ago and I was doing absolutely everything I could.
Training twice per day, eating all the right foods, working hard.
But my results were so slow.
It was driving me crazy, I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.
This painfully slow experience led me to understand the importance of overall health.
My training and nutrition were bang on, no one in the world was trying harder than me but my results were slow because everything else was out of balance.
My digestion, sleep, stress and hormones were out of balance.
This is what chiseled out my coaching philosophy.
It's health above everything else.
If we get your health right, body composition comes easy.

This coaching philosophy has achieved honours' such as:

  • 21x World Titles in Natural Sports and Fitness Modelling
  • 6x Pro Cards in Natural Bikini, Sports and Fitness Model.
  • 3x National Titles in Fitness Modelling
  • 1x Miss Galaxy Australia

If you've had enough of grinding for little results, book a call and let's see what's holding you back.

Using our proven BodyProof system we deliver world class results


Lab Analysis

The key to optimal health and body composition is understanding your own personal physiology.

We use high level lab work to assist our work and find out what separates you from everybody else.


A Personalised Approach

We don't adopt a coach
centred approach, we take a client centred approach.

Our team of specialist coaches, personally guide you through the program


Optimal Results

Once we have the first two points in place it's then about ensuring everything we do is optimised.


Are we getting you the best results possible?



Through daily education and support we aim to educate and up-skill you so you have an in-depth understanding about your own personal physiology and how you can continue to gain results long into the future.

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99kgs to 95kgs in 3 days

99kgs to 95kgs in 3 days.A friend of mine called me Wednesday night and it went a bit like this: Steve:“I need to weigh 96kgs at 13:00 on Saturday, can you help me?” Me:”How much do you weigh now?” “99kgs” “Aw for f**k sake Steve” “I’m competing in a powerlifting comp and need to make…

Easy Weight Loss (3 missing pieces).

Easy Weight Loss – Missing Piece 1. In this blog I’m going to reveal 3 of the missing pieces to Easy Weight Loss that most people miss. Everyone seems to be finding it harder than ever to get in shape, weight loss is just harder than it use to be! (Except for our clients anyway)…

The importance of Bloods, Stools and Gene testing.

The Importance of Bloods, Stool and a bit of Gene testing. When I was a young trainer, fresh in the industry, wanting to make a name for myself I saw this young women in the gym grinding away on the cardio machine, she had so much potential it was unreal. She just had that X…

Program Design For Improved Body Composition

Skeletal muscle is extremely adaptable in response to multiple contractions during a training session. But how can we be sure we’re getting the best adaptations possible? The most advanced strategy for programming is to simply keep it simple and apply the following principles as well as you can. A good program will include some basic…

My Nutrition

This is my current nutrition plan, designed out for body weight maintenance and football performance. Wake up 05:00Coffee and Football on the TV Meal 1:200g Locally Sourced Organic Beef Mince100g Raw Cashew Nuts1 Large Serve of Mixed Veggies 1 Large Glass Water with 2g L-Theanine3g Fish Oil1x Digestive enzyme500mg Magnesium1x Multi Vitamin*Mince cooked in Bone…

Health Before Everything Else

Health before everything else. There are only 5 things we know with absolute certainty within the nutrition and fat loss world. 1, Protein is the most important macronutrient (carbohydrates and dietary fats being the others) 2, Sleep affects your hunger, nutrient partitioning and base metabolic rate 3, Good micro-nutrients prevent sickness and can support weight…

Sleep – The magic ingredient

Sleep is the time where the body repairs, recovers and adapts, in terms of health this is probably the single most important period of anybody’s day. There are some vital elements of life that contribute towards optimal health, sleep is probably the single most important of them all. When we look at the blue spots…

The Mechanism Of Stress And It’s Affects On Fat Loss

Every single person in the Western World is in a state of elevated stress. Whether you think it or not, you are, as society has evolved, human physiology hasn’t been able to keep up. If you look back to when the first communications were made, humans have been on the earth for about 7- 9,000…

Re-Wiring Training Intensity and your LockDown Survival Guide

Your LockDown Survival Guide. I definitely write to you too much especially when you consider how often you actually write back. But anyway, I just love helping people and I have so much info to give out, hopefully you take some value from it all. Here’s some essentials to include in your LockDown daily routine.…

What to do when weight loss is slow

This is probably the shortest but most effective Blog Post I will ever write. But here we go…. We all know that a calorie deficit initiates weight loss (if you don’t know this yet, go back through a couple other blogs to gain a bit more knowledge) but the healthier the individual is the faster…

My Biggest Ever Mistake

As a young lad I grew up only knowing my Granddad hooked up to an oxygen machine because he was a smoker, all I ever got was a croaky hello and a toffee, it was like something out of Dr Who. My other Granddad was an absolute legend, he had diabetes which led to cancer…

My Top 6 Tips For Weight Loss Success

1-DON’T TRY TO BE PERFECT. I think this is the biggest mistake I see, people come into health and fitness thinking they need to be perfect to achieve results. Progress is enough to achieve results, we can leave perfect nutrition to the professional athletes and understand that the catalyst to any kind of adaptation is…

Will FATS make me fat?

Will FATS make me fat? I’ll never forget when I got asked this (it was actually by another PT, but we’ll leave it at that) Anyway, as the story goes… An American president died of a heart attack and a British Scientist wrote a paper saying the death was a result of too many carbohydrates…

How to deal with emotional eating

Hey there, Coach Stephen Arnold here. I’ve got my hair cut especially for this one, a fresh shave so I’m feeling pretty slick today. I’ve got this material prepared for you, I’m going to try and explain a little bit about emotional eating. I’m certainly not a mindset coach, that isn’t my field of expertise…

Nutritional strategy’s for optimal results.

Just before I get into the main body of this, a nutrition plan or guide is a static document that may or may not get revised and changed over a period of time. A nutritional strategy is something that’s designed to achieve a set goal or aim over a long period. A well designed nutrition…

Speedy Meal Ideas For The Busy Athlete

We can sit here and I can tell you what optimal nutrition looks like but we all know that being optimal isn’t always possible. Whether we’re travelling for business, rushing around for the kids, working on-site or short on food prep time due to social occasions, being optimal isn’t always possible or practical. So in…

Animal Proteins Vs Vegetable Proteins

Animal Proteins vs Vegetables Proteins. What’s the difference and what’s the BEST? Every food source whether it’s protein, fats, carbs or fiber will have different mineral and vitamin status’ so it’s an essential part of optimal health to have a good variety and selection within your diet (hence why I’m not a massive fan of…

Advanced Nutrition

As used by: INBA National Fitness Model Champion Sue Quartermaine INBA Bikini Pro Steph Brooks WBFF National Bikini Champion Misty Morton ICN International Bikini Champion Kirbie Jones  ICN International Fitness Champion Aishling Waldron ICN International Fitness Champion Jo Robinson ICN International Sports Champion Aniella Leeks ICN Pro Bikini Model Ana Paula ICN Pro Sports Model…

I just want LEANER legs!

If there’s one thing I’ve spent more time on other than general weight loss it would be helping girls achieve leaner legs. I’m sure you’ve all heard of a female mention cellulite or stubborn fat in their hamstrings and glutes. Well fat retention in the lower extremities breaks down into 4 sections. The first part…

How does nutrition affect neurotransmitter pathways?

How does nutrition affect neurotransmitter pathways? And how does nutrition affect subtle changes in psychological and behavioural parameters. The links between nutrition, cognitive productivity and the links between environment, human behaviour and nutrition are outstanding. Understanding these links is surely the key to improved cognitive and physical performance. I recently produced a report outlining the…

Nutrition and Supplements

Welcome to Stephen Arnold’s Nutrition Guide. As used by: INBA National Fitness Model Champion Sue Quartermaine INBA Bikini Pro Steph Brooks WBFF National Bikini Champion Misty Morton ICN International Bikini Champion Kirbie Jones  ICN International Fitness Champion Aishling Waldron ICN International Fitness Champion Jo Robinson ICN International Sports Champion Aniella Leeks ICN Pro Bikini Model…

How Much Does Nutrient Timing Really Matter?

HOW MUCH DOES NUTRIENT TIMING REALLY MATTER? If you’re a beginner or new to lifting the answer is ‘no’ focus on building new habits and learning the lifts, the fact that you’re new to the gym automatically means you won’t be performing anywhere near your physical potential and just by starting the gym will be…

Stress Management

As you already know I’m massive on sleep and stress, these are the 2 most common dysfunctions I see in people and 2 massive...

Reduced calories vs increased training volume

Do I create weight loss through increasing volume, decreasing calories or a combination of both?

Poor sleep or nightshift

I'm gonna take the opportunity to try and explain a bit about what happens to your biology during night shift and how best way to counteract it.

Modern day fat loss, what the professional athletes know that you don’t.

Over the last decade I’ve noticed that it’s taking about 50-75% longer to achieve fat loss now than it use to.

Hunger and Cardio

I’m consuming 2,100 calories per day to lose weight. After weight training I eat, then run then I’m starving!! Is there any way to...

Grains vs root vegetables

What should I eat, what’s best for me and what’s healthy?

Belly Fat Reduction.

A lot of people out there struggle with this and have been asking so I’m going to break it down a bit.

20 habits to set you up for success

Will Power and Motivation support short term success but we all know they die out and fade over time, habits and routines...