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How does nutrition affect neurotransmitter pathways?

September 25 2019 By Stephen Arnold

How does nutrition affect neurotransmitter pathways? And how does nutrition affect subtle changes in psychological and behavioural parameters. The links between nutrition, cognitive productivity and the links between environment, human behaviour and nutrition are outstanding. Understanding these links is surely the key to improved cognitive and physical performance. I recently produced a report outlining the…

Nutrition and Supplements

September 18 2019 By Stephen Arnold

Welcome to Stephen Arnold’s Nutrition Guide. As used by: INBA National Fitness Model Champion Sue Quartermaine INBA Bikini Pro Steph Brooks WBFF National Bikini Champion Misty Morton ICN International Bikini Champion Kirbie Jones  ICN International Fitness Champion Aishling Waldron ICN International Fitness Champion Jo Robinson ICN International Sports Champion Aniella Leeks ICN Pro Bikini Model…

How Much Does Nutrient Timing Really Matter?

September 10 2019 By Stephen Arnold

HOW MUCH DOES NUTRIENT TIMING REALLY MATTER? If you’re a beginner or new to lifting the answer is ‘no’ focus on building new habits and learning the lifts, the fact that you’re new to the gym automatically means you won’t be performing anywhere near your physical potential and just by starting the gym will be…