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Animal Proteins Vs Vegetable Proteins

October 23 2019 By Stephen Arnold

Animal Proteins vs Vegetables Proteins. What’s the difference and what’s the BEST? Every food source whether it’s protein, fats, carbs or fiber will have different mineral and vitamin status’ so it’s an essential part of optimal health to have a good variety and selection within your diet (hence why I’m not a massive fan of…

Advanced Nutrition

October 16 2019 By Stephen Arnold

As used by: INBA National Fitness Model Champion Sue Quartermaine INBA Bikini Pro Steph Brooks WBFF National Bikini Champion Misty Morton ICN International Bikini Champion Kirbie Jones  ICN International Fitness Champion Aishling Waldron ICN International Fitness Champion Jo Robinson ICN International Sports Champion Aniella Leeks ICN Pro Bikini Model Ana Paula ICN Pro Sports Model…

I just want LEANER legs!

October 02 2019 By Stephen Arnold

If there’s one thing I’ve spent more time on other than general weight loss it would be helping girls achieve leaner legs. I’m sure you’ve all heard of a female mention cellulite or stubborn fat in their hamstrings and glutes. Well fat retention in the lower extremities breaks down into 4 sections. The first part…