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Health Before Everything Else

June 16 2020 By Stephen Arnold

Health before everything else. There are only 5 things we know with absolute certainty within the nutrition and fat loss world. 1, Protein is the most important macronutrient (carbohydrates and dietary fats being the others) 2, Sleep affects your hunger, nutrient partitioning and base metabolic rate 3, Good micro-nutrients prevent sickness and can support weight…

Sleep – The magic ingredient

June 11 2020 By Stephen Arnold

Sleep is the time where the body repairs, recovers and adapts, in terms of health this is probably the single most important period of anybody’s day. There are some vital elements of life that contribute towards optimal health, sleep is probably the single most important of them all. When we look at the blue spots…

The Mechanism Of Stress And It’s Affects On Fat Loss

June 08 2020 By Stephen Arnold

Every single person in the Western World is in a state of elevated stress. Whether you think it or not, you are, as society has evolved, human physiology hasn’t been able to keep up. If you look back to when the first communications were made, humans have been on the earth for about 7- 9,000…