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Program Design For Improved Body Composition

July 29 2020 By Stephen Arnold

Skeletal muscle is extremely adaptable in response to multiple contractions during a training session. But how can we be sure we’re getting the best adaptations possible? The most advanced strategy for programming is to simply keep it simple and apply the following principles as well as you can. A good program will include some basic…

My Nutrition

July 21 2020 By Stephen Arnold

This is my current nutrition plan, designed out for body weight maintenance and football performance. Wake up 05:00Coffee and Football on the TV Meal 1:200g Locally Sourced Organic Beef Mince100g Raw Cashew Nuts1 Large Serve of Mixed Veggies 1 Large Glass Water with 2g L-Theanine3g Fish Oil1x Digestive enzyme500mg Magnesium1x Multi Vitamin*Mince cooked in Bone…