99kgs to 95kgs in 3 days​

Team BodyProof | 15 September 2020 | Stephen Arnold

A friend of mine called me Wednesday night and it went a bit like this:


Steve: “I need to weigh 96kgs at 13:00 on Saturday, can you help me?”


Me: ”How much do you weigh now?”




“Aw for f**k sake Steve”


“I’m competing in a powerlifting comp and need to make the weigh in on Saturday”


I knew there was no way of doing that without affecting performance but I also knew Steve’s diet wasn’t great. 


He’s a powerlifter and he’s bloody good at it but we’ve spoke about nutrition before and I knew there was a way I could make this happen.


I asked him to list out what his current diet was, his calories and macros were spot on, I couldn’t do anything there but his diet contained lactose, gluten, a lot of sodium and preservatives in sugar free drinks and ready prepared frozen meals.


With only limited time I couldn’t do any testing to be sure but I knew he would have been holding a lot of inflammation from the quality of foods he was consuming.


Let’s keep calories and macros the same (Base requirements as to not affect performance) but let’s just clean it all up, no lactose, no gluten (just in case you can’t tolerate them) and switch to all locally sourced, wholesome, fresh, seasonal and organic food sources.


Steve was 97kgs by Thursday night and then made the weigh in at 95.4kgs on Saturday.


He then went on to hit a 15kg personal best across all 3 lifts.​​


Not all calories are even, nutrient source is important and if anyone tells you any different, they simply don’t understand human physiology enough.


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Stephen Arnold, A former semi-professional football player from England, turned his attentions to helping people look and feel the way they deserve


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