Nutrition Module

A second hand adapted nutrition plan from the internet will yield a very low rate of success, the key to world class results is to understand your own personal physiology and design an advanced nutritional strategy to suit.

Find out everything you need to know here.

Product Includes:

  • Nutrition 101 (a weeks worth of meal plans)

  • Calories and Macros explained (video)

  • Easy weight loss, the missing piece (video)

  • The BodyProof Method (video)

  • Secrets to weight loss success (video)

  • Healthy Meal ideas (video)

  • Tips for better digestion (video)

  • Tips for craving around your menstrual cycle (video)

  • How to lose weight and keep it off (video)

  • All you need is more than a calorie deficit (video)

  • Vegan nutrition mastered (video)

  • Which creatine should I use (video)

  • Which protein powder should I use (video)

  • How do I stay hydrated (video)

  • Nutrition explained (video)

  • How do I lose weight as a vegan (video)

  • Will drinking alcohol make me fat? (video)

  • How to design the perfect diet (video)

  • What are micronutrients (video)

  • How to lose weight (video)

  • Keto, is it right for me? (video)

  • What nutritional strategy is right for me (video)


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