Training Program

When it comes to LessFatMoreMuscle it’s not what you train, it’s how you train.

Moving weight is the objective of powerlifting, using a weight to make the movement harder is the objective of LessFatMoreMuscle.


Find out how we teach our world champion athletes to train in the gym and build the best physiques on the planet.

Product Includes:

  • 8x Training Programs from beginner to advanced

  • Program explanation video showing you how to use the programs.

  • Exercise encyclopedia, demonstration videos for all exercises.

  • Cardio vs weights (video)

  • How should I warm up (video)

  • How do I breathe and brace correctly when lifting (video)

  • How to Bench press (video)

  • How to deadlift (video)

  • How to squat (video)

  • How do I grow muscle (video)

  • How do I accelerate recovery (video)


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