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About Stephen Arnold

Let’s take a look at the main man himself,
Stephen Arnold, A former semi-professional football player from England, turned his attentions to helping people look and feel the way they deserve. Stephen is known for working with elite natural bikini and fitness models but has now turned his attentions to the general weight loss market, opening up his expert skills to day to day athletes.

Having clients achieve honours such as:

  • 21x World Titles in Natural Sports and Fitness Modelling
  • 6x Pro Cards in Natural Bikini, Sports and Fitness Model.
  • 1x National Title in Fitness Modelling
  • 1x Miss Galaxy Australia
  • Numerous State Titles in Australia
  • Numerous professional sporting contracts

After a long successful career as a football player Stephen moved into a coaching role but eventually became frustrated at how little time he got to spend with each individual. A burning desire to help others achieve optimal results made him switch over to personal training when he relocated to Australia a few years ago.

Constantly investing in his education and development, Stephen has spent time with industry experts such as Charles Poliquin, Stefan Ianev, Milos Sarcev, Dan Garner and Sebastian Oreb to pull the best systems together from around the world to offer the complete toolbox to help clients understand and ultimately reach their fitness goals.

Looking into the future, Stephen is enthusiastic about being able to provide this perfect platform to reach people worldwide paired up with the now lab analysis work to optimise your health and fitness results regardless if you are a professional athlete or someone looking at taking the first steps into a healthier lifestyle.

This high level lab analysis work helps to identify what separates you from every other individual on the planet so you can work towards optimal health with no time wasted, no plateaus, no confusion and no frustration.

Stephen has brought what was previously reserved for the elite athletes only and made it available to the general weight loss population.