Brain Food, For A More Powerful Mind.

Team BodyProof | January 25, 2021 | Stephen Arnold

Brain Food, For A More Powerful Mind Nutrition goes much deeper than just body composition, so how does nutrition affect neurotransmitter pathways? And how does nutrition affect subtle changes in psychological and behavioural parameters? The links between nutrition, cognitive productivity and the links between environment, human behaviour and nutrition are outstanding! Understanding these links is...

99kgs to 95kgs in 3 days​

Team BodyProof | September 15, 2020 | Stephen Arnold

99kgs to 95kgs in 3 days. A friend of mine called me Wednesday night and it went a bit like this:

Steve: "I need to weigh 96kgs at 13:00 on Saturday, can you help me?"

Me: "How much do you weigh now?" "99kgs"

"Aww for f**k sake Steve"

"I'm competing in a powerlifting competition and need to...

Easy Weight Loss (3 missing pieces).​

Team BodyProof | August 31, 2020 | Stephen Arnold

Easy Weught Loss - Missing Piece 1. In this blog I'm going to reveal 3 of the missing pieces to Easy Weight Loss that most people miss. Everyone seems to be finding it harder than ever to get in shape, weight loss is just harder that it used to be! (Except for our clients anyways)...

My Nutrition

Team BodyProof | July 21, 2020 | Stephen Arnold

This is my current nutrition plan, designed out for body weight maintenance and football performance. Wake up 05:00Coffee and Football on the TV Meal 1:200g Locally Sourced Organic Beef Mince100g Raw Cashew Nuts1 Large Serve of Mixed Veggies 1 Large Glass Water with 2g L-Theanine3g Fish Oil1x Digestive enzyme500mg Magnesium1x Multi Vitamin*Mince cooked in Bone…


Stephen Arnold, A former semi-professional football player from England, turned his attentions to helping people look and feel the way they deserve


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