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Tom Leader

Minehead, Somerset

Before I started working with Stephen, I was lacking the knowledge of nutrition, training and just the general mentality.


I had been going to the gym for a couple months and just wasn't seeing any results, so thought I needed some help from a professional.


After the first couple weeksI felt like I was learning some things, but I just didn't have the motivation to stick to the nutrition and training… I was still going to the pub a lot.


But through Stephen’s guidance and his program I’m now doing really well and feeling really motivated to keep it going. I feel like I'm understanding my nutrition quite well and my training is improving. I'm really enjoying the new lifestyle and can see a good future for myself.


The support he give’s and he always understands how to get help get me back on track when I have little setbacks… He never made me feel bad when I said I'd gone out for a couple of pints, he just made sure I got back to it and always improved.

Alex Webber

I had some prior knowledge to fitness and nutrition but I was struggling to get to where i wanted to be.  I wanted to add more structure to my training and lose excess body fat and learn the fundamentals of nutrition to do so.


Stephen helped me with his vast knowledge, encouraging me to learn as well.


In the year we have worked together I have lost 10kgs of fat and have improved my physique.


I now have a better understanding of how to tailor my nutrition around my training to succeed.


I also have someone I’m accountable to. This means I won’t give up when the times were tough.


It was a year with lots of ups and downs. We are now on the right path having discovered some digestion issues I had which were holding me back.


I feel great now but also see myself at the beginning of a bigger journey. I have goals that I want to achieve and I’m sure I will do working with Stephen.

Amy Bonavita

Initially I came to Steve to help loose weight and get shape in my legs. My body was stagnant in its composition and I was unable to shift weight, especially in my lower body. I only did cardio and Kayla workouts and at this stage thought I ate a well balanced diet.  I didn’t have any gym regime or structure to my training.


Steve turned my world of training upside down and I have never since looked back. As a coach he showed me how to do weight training and use my diet to loose weight and gain shape. The best aspect of Steve’s programs is its not just about the gym its about you as a person and your lifestyle as a whole. I started a journey of how to live in moderation, respect and listen to your body and challenge yourself to reach goals that you didn’t think possible.  As a shift worker with a continually changing schedule and someone who has no idea about macros or training regimes I was a difficult client, but Steve was up for a challenge and I have learnt so much from him.


He showed me how to activate muscles I have never used, lift safe and effectively when weight training. Steve broke down my diet and set small achievable targets to hit every week. Most of all he taught me how to be PATIENT and to “trust the process”.


Steve is a complete package he is there for you every step of the way, checking up on you during the week, being assertive and positive 24/7 and always making you feel empowered and able to be the best that you can be.


Every week he would reflect on your progress, praise your achievements and troubleshoot the challenges.


I have been coached by Steve now for over four years and am happier than ever with my body and training results. Steve’s thirst for knowledge, passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Steve has supported me in my journey every step of the way and his belief and genuine care in me being able to achieve my goals has inturn helped me achieve a whole new level of living, remain strong and maintain a healthy positive lifestyle.

Alex McClaren

For years I had been struggling with weight management.


I had used coaches in the past but no one really gave me what I needed.


Steveo came in and showed me what I had always been missing though.


I thought I always needed a strict meal plan but Steve connected and identified the real underlying issue.


We worked on my relationship with food, my mindset around self belief and day to day habits like going to the gym.


From the moment I saw him I knew this guy was on a different level, he talks the talk and walks the walk.


The first week was pretty good and I've been at it a while now, I still make mistakes and slip back into my old habits but we identify them and seemingly seem to get straight back on track.


The time zones confuse me a bit but the links that get sent through account for my location so I just follow the system and it's easy.


I'm currently recovering from a alcohol riddled polish holiday getting back into it all next week but there's never any ear bashing as Steve knows I have a life to live and always adapts everything to suit.


I like that Steve’s there no matter what it is that you need, I like the info provided.


I still have a bit of work to do to get to my goal but I have a lot more clarity over nutrition, what's required and I know I have the support to get me there.

Glen Vandervelde

I was loving life, drinking what I wanted, eating what I wanted but it kind of dawned on me that I actually wanted more from my life.


I’d tried a few things but wasn’t really getting what I wanted, a friend of mine suggested the gym so off I went and I actually really enjoyed it but I wasn’t really sure if I was wasting my money or not.


So I signed up with Steve, he just made the process easy and was really friendly.


Originally I was struggling with weight loss and knowledge of training methods.


I had progressed as far as I could have with the knowledge I had about nutrition and training.


The first few weeks were amazing. In my first fortnight of training and following the program


I lost over 3kg in fat, and gained lean muscle.


I am currently in a leaning phase, after bulking and gaining approximately 3kg in lean muscle.


I am forever learning and improving not only my knowledge of nutrition and training methods, but setting fundamental values for future health and life endevours


The continuous challenge to better myself is one of the reasons I’ve been in Steve’s program for over 2 years, and I’m still improving my health, mind and fitness goals.

Kerryn McGee

As a young girl I’ve always looked up to the female bodybuilders, their dedication and discipline to the sport was something I wanted.  I never really know how to put myself in the industry until I meet Stephen Arnold, His mind set and dedicate to his clients set my dreams to become reality. Nutrition was a big one for me, as I LOVE food and could possible eat an entire Cow and still be hungry. Stephen helped me set my mind and calories, to control my eating habits, and look at me now in eating an entire cow, while maintaining a lean figure.


MIND-SET, I never really thought that your mind was a big deal, but wow have a learnt. Stephens consist Help to set my mind back to my goals, his motivational, comforting words of wisdom that helped my pull myself back to my goal.


I Felt highly motivated and confident to keep moving towards my goal.


STRONG, LEAN, MUSCLY, HEALTHY, MOTIVATED, COMMITTED, just to name a few. I have never felt so passionate about reaching my goals. From a chubby little girl dreaming of been on stage, to been KERRYN MCGEE fitness model, and future goal of FIGURE PRO. I Have so much respect and love for Stephen Arnold not just as a coach but a friend.

Kyle Simmul

I signed up wanting to compete in my first bodybuilding comp as I had no clue on how to plan my meals and get ready to step on stage.


I made the decision about 20 weeks out from my comp.


The first few weeks were awesome! Stephen set me up with a very good meal and training plan that I immediately got in to and found easy to follow. Stephen was very supportive and easy to get along with.


Stephen helped coach me to winning 1st place in Men’s Fitness open class at my first bodybuilding comp and 2nd, 3rd place at the nationals comp. I am currently in my off season feeling great and gaining some good amount of muscle.


I really like how easy everything is and the way that it is laid out makes it really easy for me to use as well as understand. Stephen also focuses on your health and well being which is something not a lot  of coaches do, having regular weekly phone calls allows you to discuss anything you are not sure about and another questions that you may have. At the end of the day im extremely happy I've signed on with Stephen and what he has done for me is incredible!

Phil O'Keeffe

I was originally struggling with consistency and somewhat of a poor relationship with food, I was IIFYM dieter prior to coming on-board and constantly found myself going without to factor in a bad food choice. I only ever looked at proteins, fats & carbs and rarely changed my protein sources.


I surfed social media and went to body building comps as I help out and do the drug testing for ICN, constantly taking notice of who was who and how their competitors went but not just focusing on placings and results but how they looked where they came from and the after comp care. In the end it was between two or three people so I went with my gut as I got a really good vibe and feeling about Stephen after our catch up at our place where he explained what he was all about and himself sussed out myself and goals. I also love that Stephen is all about the science he does blood works initially to identify any underlying issues that may or may not have been picked up on by a GP as a GP has guidelines and if your a little one side or the other of the norm they tend to leave things as they are but not Stephen he looks at ways to correct or rectify it.


First week was great felt like a cleanse, in with the new, out with the old, cut coffee, started thinking a lot about gut health. Stephens wealth of knowledge is second to none, he is not just about losing fat or growing muscle he goes much deeper, he genuinely cares about his clients getting to know them and promoting a long term healthy lifestyle for long jeopardy. He may not know it but he is a healer and a magnificent life coach.


I’ve been with Stephen for over 12 months now not only have I grown some muscle but I’ve grown as a human and my knowledge and understanding of the whole process has more then doubled which is holding me in good health and in the best shape and mental health I have been in a very long time.


I like I can talk to Stephen whenever and however as he is the real deal, I class him as not only a mentor but a mate. He looks at the big picture which in turn gets me to look at the big picture and focus on long jeopardy. Together we work with each other to but our issues with a focus on all micronutrients, strength, flexibility, knowledge, goals and living a balanced life. Stephen encourages flexibility in dieting not going without and feeding ones cravings but in a non detrimental way. I only food prep for 5 days now Mon-Fri and intuitively eat on the weekends this is working well and I find myself making the right choices when eating out which is fantastic.


On a whole Stephen is a top bloke and I could not recommend him enough whether you are looking at putting weight on, building muscle, losing fat, competing on stage, maintaining a peak level of performance as an elite athlete in any field or someone who just want to grow your own knowledge base and understand physiology and the way the body works hit him up you will not be disappointed.

Stacy Singh

I initially came to Steve as I had no structure with my eating habits and was not following a specific training program. I had plateaued in both strength and fat loss, and wanted results with a maintainable approach.


Steve listened to my goals and gave me a tailored training and nutrition program. He checked in with me every week to ensure I was accountable, happy with the program and making improvements. If something was not working, or I was stagnant, Steve would alter my program. He also took the time to answer any complex questions with scientific, well researched answers. I have had many PT’s and have found Steve to be the most knowledgeable and one that genuinely cares about his clients’ interests.


After working with Steve, I have better eating habits and a sustainable training routine. I went from doing weights and cardio every day to just weights 5 times week, while maintaining my weight and gaining strength. I have much more structure and am able to make small improvements each week with diet/exercise. 


I am much happier with my lifestyle and have a better understanding of diet/exercise. I am less tired, and have a healthier mind-set around training. I will also never go back to training without a program as recording my sessions has allowed me to make improvements each time I’m in the gym.



Stephen Arnold, A former semi-professional football player from England, turned his attentions to helping people look and feel the way they deserve


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