Easy Weight Loss (3 missing pieces).

Easy Weight Loss (3 missing pieces).

31 August 2020 Stephen Arnold Uncategorized

Easy Weight Loss – Missing Piece 1.

In this blog I’m going to reveal 3 of the missing pieces to Easy Weight Loss that most people miss.

Everyone seems to be finding it harder than ever to get in shape, weight loss is just harder than it use to be!

(Except for our clients anyway)

But there’s 3 pieces that most people are missing in the weight loss puzzle.

And to be fair, they aren’t that hard to fix.

We’re going to run through one of them today and hopefully you can walk away, start implementing my advice and start getting better results for yourself.

Food Sensitivities are so common and the hard part about detecting these is that the symptoms can be so mild that you may not know that you have them, or you could have had them for so long that you’ve become accustomed to the digestive issues you experience and deem it as being fine and normal.

Foods that you most commonly eat are normally the biggest culprits, you build up an intolerance to them over time.

Think about something you’ve over indulged in before, like vodka, if you’ve ever got really drunk on Vodka you’ll find it hard to smell it again, let alone drink it, it’s the same with your foods as well, your body starts to resent them.

You could also have a naturally occurring genetic intolerance to certain foods as well.

Once these foods enter into your digestive system they damage the gut lining, trigger an auto-immune response and then you enter into an inflamed state, scale weight goes up, training adaptation ceases, joints start to hurt, energy levels drop and your mood deterierates.

Food sensitivities are a common issue that we come across on a weekly basis.

The first thing you can do here costs zero dollars, keep a food diary, record what you eat and record your stool movements, your energy, your scale weight and digestion, start picking patterns and see if any food groups cause you any noticeable issues or changes.

Beyond that we can look at an elimination diet or an IGG Food sensitivity panel.

There’s lots we can do but a food diary is the first step.

Easy Weight Loss – Missing Piece 2/3

Diet breaks are waaaay more effective and healthier than the usual descending calorie approach.

Eating more food is always better approach, I’ll show you how to do it in this video.

Watch this video for the full break down.

Easy Weight Loss – Missing Piece 3/3

This is probably the biggest problem I come across when speaking on the phone to prospects.

There seems to be a general consensus that weight loss comes as a result of suffering and sacrifice but that’s just not the case, in actual fact long term success will never occur if this is your tactic.

All our clients have the foods that they love included in their nutritional strategy.

Weight management, health and fitness should be easy, enjoyable and maintainable.

Part of that should be to include the foods you love.

I know this might sound a bit contradictory to the majority of what you hear in the mainstream but it’s 100% true and accurate.

There’s only so long anyone can stick to chicken and broccoli before they chuck the towel in.

I’ve included a free training below which I hope will help explain what we do and how we do it a little bit better.

It’s part of our on-boarding process so not many people actually get to see this but have a watch and let me know what you think.

If you want to speak to me personally about how you can include some of your favourite foods and move closer to your health and fitness goals hit the link below and book a time that works for us both.

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