How Much Does Nutrient Timing Really Matter?

How Much Does Nutrient Timing Really Matter?

10 September 2019 Stephen Arnold Uncategorized


If you’re a beginner or new to lifting the answer is ‘no’ focus on building new habits and learning the lifts, the fact that you’re new to the gym automatically means you won’t be performing anywhere near your physical potential and just by starting the gym will be enough to stimulate progress.

The more advanced you become, the more the smaller factors become significant, like nutrient timing…….

So where does nutrient timing come in?

First point-FUEL
The muscle cell can used stored glycogen as fuel through a process called glycogenesis but if there’s no blood glucose during training you’ll achieve central nervous system fatigue ahead of muscular fatigue.So carbs, before and during training for optimal performance.


Carbs post training support the recovery process and lay the foundations for the next training session


During and after training your glucose uptake rate can be upto 300 times higher so hitting that anabolic window post training with correctly timed nutrients will optimise your nutrient distribution and adaptation.

We also want to make sure we breaking the leucine threshold on a regular basis throughout the day. So getting our protein sources and timing correct is important also.


Eating set nutrients at the same time everyday provides the body with the confidence to make the adaptations that you ask of it.Our bodies are in a constant state of cell and protein turn-over so slow absorbing nutrients are a good idea before bed to support that process throughout the night.

Nutrient timing is like this…..Correct nutrient timing is like navigating from your home to a cash point in the city center at 3am with a sat nav.

Poor nutrient timing is like trying to get from your house to that same cash point during rush hour with no sat nav.You may or may not get there and if you do it won’t be optimal.

James Smith will tell you that all you need is a calorie deficit but don’t tell him there’s a whole lot more to it if you want to look and feel the best you can.

You deserve to be at optimal health and optimal composition.
Happy Friday and thanks for reading.

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