Hunger and Cardio

Hunger and Cardio

14 June 2019 admin Uncategorized

I’m consuming 2,100 calories per day to lose weight. After weight training I eat, then run then I’m starving!! Is there any way to curb these cravings?

It’s great to see that you’re making an effort to work towards your goal! Well done! That’s what we like!

So there’s a few points here,

Firstly, hunger is a part of losing weight! We can’t really avoid that but there’s such a thing as too much hunger and if anyone ever describes their hunger levels as ‘starving’ then it’s safe to say, that is too much hunger and too much of a calorie deficit!!

A diet needs to be manageable and sustainable! Otherwise you’re just torturing yourself and you won’t enjoy it or stick to it. The chances are the re-bound post diet will be bad as well!

Secondly, cardio after weight training switches off all the mTOR pathways that your weight training has created. mTOR is the anabolic hormone pathway that signals muscle growth. Cardio signals AMPK pathways which is endurance, muscle burning and fat retaining pathways.
If you’re going to do cardio and weights on the same day you need to separate them by about 8 hours if possible.

Weight training and cardio don’t really compliment each other anyway! Are you trying to look better or be a better endurance athlete?

Be clear on your goal and design your protocols to suit that goal.

Your deficit is too big! There are blogs on my website which will guide you through ‘how to design the perfect diet for you’.

Your training is fucked! Take the cardio out.

Stephen Arnold Health and Nutrition Specialist

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