I just want LEANER legs!

I just want LEANER legs!

02 October 2019 Stephen Arnold Uncategorized

If there’s one thing I’ve spent more time on other than general weight loss it would be helping girls achieve leaner legs.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of a female mention cellulite or stubborn fat in their hamstrings and glutes.

Well fat retention in the lower extremities breaks down into 4 sections.

The first part is general hormonal make up.

The second part is estrogen production

The third part is estrogen clearance

The fourth part is gut health

So without further-a-do lets get right into the juicy stuff.

First of all we have to understand that estrogen is going to pull fat to the extremities, like testosterone pulls fat to the core in males (think beer belly), estrogen pulls fat to the hamstring, glutes and triceps. So to break away from this would mean being, well, slightly less female.

Having slightly more retention in your legs is part of being a women, it makes you who you are so don’t try to fight against it too hard. Embrace it even.

When we see that there’s a mis-proportion or excessive fat retention in the lower extremities, this is where we could possibly look to investigate for a potential imbalance.

So, you see, slightly higher fat retention in the legs is normal for a women, only when the distribution is more excessive should we even start looking for a potential imbalance.

Where most females turn directly to estrogen blockers or DIM, my team and I take a more scientific approach.

Second step, obtain a blood panel and check estrogen levels and liver enzyme levels.

Occasionally the body can produce more estrogen than the body requires leading to excessive fat retention, if this is the case, we then have to start investigating why. ‘little hint, check birth control pill’

Third point, the body will transport estrogen around the body, into the liver, where the liver de-activates the estrogen before shipping them off to the intestines for excretion.

Sometimes this de-toxification process can be the missing link in the chain so a simple liver support protocol can help. We would run a full protocol for 3 months then come back after 6 months off and run a half protocol.

Fourth point, gut health, we’ve known of the relationship between gut health and immunity, nutrient absorption and general energy for a long time now but only recently are we learning of how our gut health interacts with estrogen levels.

Within the gut there are enzymes called estrobolome that basically interact with the estrogens before they pass through the intestines.

Within these enzymes there are microbes called beta-glucuronidase which switch the de-activated estrogens back on.

A higher level of beta-glucuronidases can lead to higher levels of estrogen dominance.

So achieving lean legs isn’t a simple case of taking an estro-blocker or just applying a calorie deficit, we have to first gain an in-depth understanding of the individuals personal physiology.

Once we have that information we can then go about optimising their physiology.

If you do want to hear more on this or want support in achieving leaner legs just send an email to and one of our team will get in contact with you.

Or if you just want to jump on a quick call, hit this link:

Stay safe and stay strong
Stephen Arnold
Health and Nutrition Specialist

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