My Biggest Ever Mistake

My Biggest Ever Mistake

04 February 2020 Stephen Arnold Uncategorized

As a young lad I grew up only knowing my Granddad hooked up to an oxygen machine because he was a smoker, all I ever got was a croaky hello and a toffee, it was like something out of Dr Who.

My other Granddad was an absolute legend, he had diabetes which led to cancer and Alzheimer, probably the worst way for anyone to go. To see your hero fall is enough to break anyone’s heart.

One of my best mates died in his early twenty from cancer, I carried him into the crematorium and with his ice cold coffin on my shoulder I wondered how the hell this had happened.

I left England and came to Australia at 28 and driven by the fear of what had happened to my granddads and mate I wanted to leave my athletic background behind and pursue the biggest, leanest, fittest, strongest version of myself.

The path I chose was the bodybuilding path (unknowingly at the time, driven by the fear of not wanting to be a skinny bold guy) We all have these deep rooted inner fears that are installed upon us from a young age but anyway, back to the story….

I gave up my favorite foods, missed social occasions, skipped date night for late night gym sessions, suffered in the weights room, suffered on the cardio equipment, pushed, pulled, went hungry, got angry, I did everything, I suffered and sacrificed everything I could.

State titles I placed 1st then flew international and placed 2nd on the World stage (picture below)

I thought I had achieved my goal, the emotions of my granddad’s ill health, my friends death and even some health issues that my sister was going through at the time were overcome through my efforts.

But below the surface I had hormonal issues, psychological issues and relationship issues, my now ex girlfriend walked out on me between states and worlds, I had uncontrollable eating issues and my hormones took about 6 months to recover.

Even though the majority of people don’t have bodybuilding aspirations I see the same mistakes getting made on a smaller level.

They miss meals, get hungry, have low energy, miss sleep and over-train, they sacrifice social occasions in the pursuit of being healthy and fit.

It breaks my heart when I see people doing this, health and fitness is about balance and should never be the result of suffering and sacrifice.

So I’ve seen the ugly side of the health game which is probably why I’m so passionate about it and so passionate about doing it the right way.

Since then I’ve worked with 1,000s of clients, won 21 international titles, flown around the world, presented to 1,00s of people, invested 10,000s of dollars and 10,000s of hours into study and education, I’ve featured in 4 major magazines so I’ve also seen the good side of the health game and I know how to do it the right way.

When I see it done wrong I do get agitated and speak out, I’ve publicly spoke out about 3 of the biggest names in the industry but it’s because I’m passionate about health being done properly.

Done in the right way health and fitness is enjoyable and easy, it enhances your life and that’s led me to creating the coaching philosophy that we’ve used to successfully coach clients all around the world for nearly a decade now.

If you want to be coached in the right way, reach out to us via email and we’ll see if we can help you.

Health before everything else
Stephen Arnold
Health and Nutrition Specialist

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