My Nutrition

My Nutrition

This is my current nutrition plan, designed out for body weight maintenance and football performance.

Wake up 05:00
Coffee and Football on the TV

Meal 1:
200g Locally Sourced Organic Beef Mince
100g Raw Cashew Nuts
1 Large Serve of Mixed Veggies
1 Large Glass Water with 2g L-Theanine
3g Fish Oil
1x Digestive enzyme
500mg Magnesium
1x Multi Vitamin
*Mince cooked in Bone Broth

Meal 2:
200g Locally Sourced Organic Lamb
250g Jasmine Rice


Meal 3:
Whey Protein Shake
1x Banana
1x Apple

Meal 4:
300g Lentil Protein Pasta
1 Large Serve Mixed Veggies
50g Baked Cheese

Football – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Meal 5:
300g Chobani Protein Yogurt
50g Macadamia Nuts
100g Mixed Berries

Unwind, deep breathing exercises, visualisation work and sleep.

2 Meat meals only which allows me to purchase good quality produce without breaking the bank.

This changes week to week and at the weekends I have a bit more freedom with my choices, I don’t weigh, I do eat ice cream and I eat more for health than performance when it comes to Saturday and Sunday.

I hope this helps you out and if you want me to engineer a personalised nutritional system for you, email me now and connect with me.

Stephen Arnold
Health and Nutrition Specialist

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