I’ve coached clients to 21 international titles in natural sports and fitness modeling, Miss Galaxy Australia, Miss Australia Nude, WBFF National Champion, numerous professional athletes and 1,000s of women just like you.


But I didn't start here. My aha moment came after I had to carry my best friend's body to the crematorium after he tragically lost his battle with cancer. He was 23. So young. He was my best mate. I watched his health rob him of his energy and ultimately his life... and I noticed a disturbing pattern that was leading me down a similar path.


So, I got fit. Like SUPER FIT. I gave up my favorite foods, missed social occasions and skipped date night for late-night gym sessions. I suffered in the weights room. I suffered doing cardio. I pushed… I pulled… I went hungry. I did everything. I suffered and sacrificed everything I could.


But I realized I was missing something. Even in my SUPE FIT state, I could see other areas that were being affected in negative ways. 


My sleep was crap. My attitude was even crappier. And when I fell off the rigid pro-athlete diet and training, it all went to pot.


Sound familiar?


Anyone would go crazy with an endless monotony of chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato paired with never-ending hours at the gym with little progress to show for it!


It all changed when I realized I was working hard instead of smart. And when I discovered this inside-out approach to health and fitness, my whole world flipped for the better. 


I achieved optimal fitness without losing my sanity and now I teach my clients the same inside-out approach to attain the energy and body of their dreams while still living in the realities of day-to-day life.

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