Re-Wiring Training Intensity and your LockDown Survival Guide

Re-Wiring Training Intensity and your LockDown Survival Guide

Your LockDown Survival Guide.

I definitely write to you too much especially when you consider how often you actually write back.

But anyway, I just love helping people and I have so much info to give out, hopefully you take some value from it all.

Here’s some essentials to include in your LockDown daily routine.

-The BodyProof Morning Formula, have you ever hear of ‘win the morning, win the day’? well we do this and put it on steroids. If you want a copy, just hit me up.

-Meditate, I swear this is my super power now, I absolutely love it. If you don’t know how, upload a guided meditation app to your phone.

-Create a daily routine, this goes without saying, even my grandma does this but if you start getting bored or frustrated, don’t be scared to change things around.

-We also need human interaction, movement and community to be healthy and happy so find ways to incorporate these things into your day.
Calling for a neighbour and talking from outside the garden, online communities, video calls, there’s plenty of ways to think outside the box here.

There will be winners and losers through all this and what I’m saying to my clients right now is, Guard your inputs, guard your outputs and deal with whats directly in front of you right now.

Watching the news = Bad
Joining my facebook group = Good
Thinking this is someone else’s problem of fault = Bad
Finding the positives = Good.

I’m sure you get where I’m coming from here.

So now we have some structure let’s look at how we can re-wire our training intensity from home.

Re-Wiring Your Training Intensity.

People are saying ‘My home works outs just aren’t the same as when I’m in the gym’

And here’s why……..

When we go to the gym, it’s the perfect formula, we have travel time where we mentally prepare for the session, we have our music on, we visulaise the loads we’re about to lift, then we get there, the music is pumping, nice equipement, other like minded people around us.

It’s the perfect formula for great training.

Then fast forward to where we are today, walk out of our kitchen, step over the kids toys and then look at the 10kg Kettlebell we have in the middle of our front room……. or some kind of variation of that.

So of course it’s not quite going to be the same.

You use your living room to relax so your  subconscious mind is always going to associate that space with relaxing.

Here’s what I’ve been saying to my clients……….

Re-create what use to work, the best you can. Walk or drive around the block before you train, headphones on, visulaise the work out. Then move your furniture around so the environment looks slightly different than the place you use to relax in.

Make an effort here.

Your training environment has to support something other than relaxing and your mindset has to be in the right place to get the best out of your session as well.

2 simple changes that will re-wire the game for you.

It starts in the mind and finishes in the body.

It’s not easy but it’s our reality right now so we have to take action and put the work in.

If you want some accountability and unlimited access to my personal support send a message to and we’ll see if we can do something for you.

Stephen Arnold
Health and Nutrition Specialist

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