Speedy Meal Ideas For The Busy Athlete

Speedy Meal Ideas For The Busy Athlete

11 November 2019 Stephen Arnold Uncategorized

We can sit here and I can tell you what optimal nutrition looks like but we all know that being optimal isn’t always possible.

Whether we’re travelling for business, rushing around for the kids, working on-site or short on food prep time due to social occasions, being optimal isn’t always possible or practical.

So in this short blog I’m going to provide some speedy meal ideas to save you time and to help you still work towards your health and fitness goals whilst keeping up with the fast pace life of 2019.

In an ideal situation we’d be looking for wholesome foods that contain plenty of micro-nutrients to support a healthy body, chicken, tofu, broccoli, spinach, sweet potato etc but it’s not always possible to access, prepare or store these kind of foods.

If you’re on a mine site working you may not have access to chicken or if you’re travelling for work you may not be able to keep a cooked meal chilled for the day. You may not have time to spend 3 hours in the kitchen to bulk cook 5 wholesome meals each week.

So if you’re in that situation it’s good to have these quick meal ideas that will help you get through.

Just a quick note- if your whole week consists of meals like this then I’d say you need to have a look at what you’re doing but if you mix a few meals like this in to a otherwise good nutrition system then you’re gonna be doing fine.

Never underestimate the importance of micro-nutrients and overall health

These meals are designed with the intention of requiring minimal prep time and minimal storage or temperature requirements.

Whey protein powder, Mixed berries and Oats
Vegan protein powder, Peanut butter and Rice Flakes
Yogurt, Banana, Almond nuts
Cottage cheese, Crushed brazil nuts, Mixed berries, cinnamon
Tuna, Pine nuts, Salad, Dijon mustard
Protein shake, Macadamia nuts, Apple.
Tofu, Cheese, Avocado, Wraps

All these meal ideas can be easily programmed into a solid nutritional strategy, they’re all quick, easy and healthy.

If weight management is your number 1 goal, make sure you account for the calorie totals and away you go.

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