The importance of Bloods, Stools and Gene testing.

The importance of Bloods, Stools and Gene testing.

05 August 2020 Stephen Arnold Uncategorized

The Importance of Bloods, Stool and a bit of Gene testing.

When I was a young trainer, fresh in the industry, wanting to make a name for myself I saw this young women in the gym grinding away on the cardio machine, she had so much potential it was unreal. She just had that X factor.

I sparked up conversation with her and pretty much said to her “I want to make a name for myself in this industry and i think you have the potential to be a world champion bikini model, do you want to give it a go?”

She obliged so we set to work.

She came and trained with me every lunch time for 6 months.

Every day I tested and measured how her physique was changing to the stimulus we had created, and by the way I had no experience at this point so this was fully trial and error.

Anyway, by the end of the 6 months, I knew exactly how she’s respond to a set amount of carbs, how quickly she’d metabolise fat, how she responded to stress, how she responded to lack of sleep, how she responded to gluten, dairy, cardio, HIIT, double training, extra rest days, I had all the information I needed, I had her biological blueprint mapped out and on paper.

She went on stage for the first time and won everything, she went from just a girl in the gym to a pro status athlete with sponsorship deals in 6 months.

“This is great, I want to do this for everyone” 

Imagine if I could get that level of results for everyone, that’s the dream right? Let’s take the whole world to optimal health, performance and physique, imagine what the world would be like it everyone was at their physical peak? It would be amazing!

But the immediate issue hit me almost as quick as my dream of a healthy world hit me, you can’t possibly spend every lunchtime with every client, you don’t get paid enough to have that many lunch breaks.

So I had to find a way to gain that amount of information without the time input of measuring and reviewing everyday.

How can we gain an in-depth understanding of each person’s personal physiology so we can program training, nutrition and lifestyle and keep take that individual to optimal health, performance and physique?

Well believe it or not, we can actually gain that information relatively easily nowadays.

Through blood work, stool analysis and gene typing we can gain a really decent understanding of how you’re going to respond to certain stimuli before we ever write them into a program for you.

You know how some people just look at a cookie gain weight and then there’s that person who always seems to be jacked regardless of how many cookies he eats?

Then there’s that person who looks great from strength training and then there’s that other person who responds really well to high volume work.

Then there’s that person who just can’t lose weight regardless of what they do even though all their friends have done the same and got great results.

All of these differences are due to one or a number of reasons/factors, these reasons/factor are what make you who you are and are the result of genetic and environmental influences. 

We can pre-determine the outcome of what we do by gaining an in-depth understanding of your personal physiology through blood work, stool analysis and genetic profiling.

Blood work can give us an insight into your hormonal health:

-How are you producing insulin? Can you have more or less carbs in your diet?

-How much testosterone/estrogen is your body producing?

-How stressed are you? Can you train more or less?

-Is your thyroid working efficiently? Do we need to support this to achieve weight loss/gain?

-Is your SHBG elevated? Are you getting enough amino acids in your diet?

All of this is vital information, if any of these markers are out of ‘range’ it can totally roadblock all your results. You could be dieting for 6 months without realising that you have an underactive thyroid.

We can also look at things like:

-Liver function



-Micronutrient profile

-Kidney function 

Which can all contribute towards creating a picture of your overall standard of health and which can all completely road block all results if functioning sub-optimally.

I had a client come to me from another well known coach, he hadn’t been getting results and my predecessor couldn’t figure out why.

I did some simple blood tests and discovered that his liver was highly stressed which was causing him the issue.

When I dug a bit deeper, he was working on an oil rig off the coast of Africa where the food quality wasn’t great so he was catching fresh Tuna everyday to supplement the poor food provided.

Tuna has a high content of heavy metals, which in turn was causing his liver stress and resulting in his body holding inflammation, an inflamed body is resistant to change so there’s your answer.

All that came from a simple blood test, made his last coach look bad and me like a genius.

Little did he know that reading that off a panel was easy, me being thorough was what elevated my position, not a special skill set.

Same with stool analysis as well.

The gut microbiome is so diverse and impactful, I don’t think we even know how much of a role it plays on our overall health to be honest. I think we still have a bit to learn in this area of science and human biology.

Bacterial overgrowths, parasitic infections and food sensitivities can cause absolute mayhem on human health.

There’s a nerve called the Vagal Nerve which runs directly from the brain to the stomach and we know that our brain affects our gut health and our gut health affects our brain.

When we are stressed we can feel symptoms in our stomach.

When we have an imbalance or infection in our gut, we can’t cognitively function as well.

The way we digest, absorb and distribute nutrients is massively affected by the condition of our gut health.

Having irregular or inconsistent stools isn’t normal, having bloating or digestive discomfort isn’t normal either, being deficient in certain nutrients isn’t acceptable either, it’s hard for me to say normal because this is what we see more and more of nowadays.

Digestion should be smooth, consistent and comfortable from the moment food enters your mouth to the moment it leaves your body.

Bacterial overgrowths, parasitic infections and permeable gut syndrome is more and more common among even the highest standard of athletes nowadays. All of which can and will slow or road block all results for the individual.

Good nutrition, training and lifestyle aren’t enough to correct these issues either, you need to do testing and address accordingly. 

Even though the science is still relatively new Genetics are a factor in how we could and should program for you as well.

Your genes will tell us the person you were born to be but they can’t tell us the person you are right now, so there’s important information to be obtained here but it’s far from the be all and end all of program design.

Your genes could suggest that you’re naturally a carb tolerant kind of person but the reality is you’re 50kgs overweight and pre-diabetic so a lower carb diet would be more appropriate.

Your genes may suggest that you respond better to higher frequency training but the reality may be that you’re currently rehabilitating a recurring injury.

So we have to take this into consideration when interpreting the information.

I did a gene analysis on a world champion bodybuilder and the test came back suggesting that he could train and recover up to 11 sessions per week with a huge amount of volume, we took that on board and increased training volume and frequency to great results.

The guy was genetically gifted, the test provided us more information and helped us take him to another level.

Great info, great results which we may never had discovered through trial and error, we may have but it may have taken us a number of months.

You have 2 options here, trial, error and invest time and effort to hopefully get the result you want or you can pay to obtain the information through bloods, stools and gene testing, the choice is yours.

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